Do beauty and brains go together?

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Beauty and brains can go
together or cannot go together it
depends from person to person.
Its how a person s character or
behavior is for example.
I have seen people who are really
very beautiful but when its time
to voice an opinion or have a say
there are some who do not
know what to say when and
how to say it some come across
as very dumb. But on contrary I
have also seen people who are
beautiful and they also have
But beauty is not something
which we measure by outward
appearance most people say she
is beautiful only when she’s
good looking. But beauty
according to me is beauty of
heart. How you deal with
problems, how we treat people it
has more to do with how
concerned are we for others
how well we treat people. Its all
about how beautiful you are at
heart. A person who behaves
well who does not do anything
to hurt others thinks always
about others good automatically
becomes a person with brains.


  1.    mba universe said,

    March 12, 2012 at 2:23 am

    Yes beauty n brains always go
    together. Its just the way of
    thinking matters. For me
    people may have beautiful mind,
    beautiful nature etc. Here one
    should not only consider the look
    wise beauty but also the special
    things that each of the person
    have. Everyone in this world got
    the gift of some beautiful
    qualities, by applying proper
    brain that how he/she are going
    to use that qualities makes
    difference. The people who can
    able to apply proper efforts in
    proper direction become always
    Giving more example on this,
    handicap people participate in
    Olympics, what a beautiful
    attitude toward life they have
    and what strong heart they have.
    I am saying that because the
    normal person can not do the
    racing on wheel chair but
    handicapped person can do.
    Its just we have to analysis in
    what way each n every person is
    beautiful and have to apply the
    brain to bolster that talent to
    become successful.


  2.    mba universe said,

    March 12, 2012 at 2:24 am

    Hi friends. As per giving topic to
    my mind beauty n brain can go
    together. I have set of example
    like in all beauty competions all
    participents are in that contest
    because they are beautyful but
    on the flip side only one
    contestent win n she win only
    because of her brain so having
    both is imporant. Once you can
    imagene yourself without beauty
    but without brain never. See our
    ex prisedent Mr. A. P. J abdul
    kalam he suceeded in his life just
    because of his brain not by
    beauty so only with beauty we
    can’t get any thing morethan
    appreciation but with brain we
    can get succes and moreover at
    some extent beauty also.


  3.    mba universe said,

    March 12, 2012 at 2:25 am

    Hello friends,
    According to me Brain and
    beauty is rare and difficult
    combination due to some factors
    so lets explore the factors one by
    one because I will give more
    emphasis on female its simple
    because the beauty can be better
    expressed by female than males.
    Its my personal experience that
    beauty and brain can’t go
    simulataneously forget about
    thinking aishwariya rai, princess
    diana etc beautiful ladies
    (because they are rare) , I think a
    beautiful looking girl can’t give
    much attention to his brain
    because they don’t find the need
    of it, because their beauty is
    everything, as they keep their
    beauty as an asset, which is also
    a good thing, because every
    other person is not so beautiful
    in looks and pleasing.
    Somewhere their beauty inhibits
    them to use their brain because
    their objective becomes to ”look
    beautiful not brainy”, and for
    realy brainy people beauty dsnt
    matter much because nothing
    can be achived by mere beautiful
    Beautiful people thinks that they
    have been given beauty by god
    so they will use their face to
    succed, but surely this is not a
    fair way to succed in life, beauty
    can only captivates other for a
    moment but for long run it does
    not have any importance. So
    cheers to BRAIN


  4.    mba universe said,

    March 12, 2012 at 2:30 am

    Hello friends, According to me
    beauty and brain are the two
    sides of a single coin. As if brains
    are important to survive in this
    competitive market and one
    wants to achieve name and fame
    at the highest edge so obviously
    they are in a requirement of
    brain. But at the same time if you
    have a good and pleasing
    personality then it would be
    adding an advantage to your
    I think only having brain hardly
    matters for anyone. The main
    thing is that how you use that
    brain. If your brain is not used
    properly then it could be termed
    as a scrap and nothing else.
    And on the other side beauty
    doesn’t mean only the external
    (physical) beauty. The manner in
    which you use your mind and
    your skills if results positively to
    you and your outside
    environment then automatically it
    will be termed as beauty.
    Hence I would like to say that
    Beauty and brains Go to


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